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picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Through reissuance you can get a new certificate in replacement of an existing one and created from the same fields but with a different pair of keys.

These procedure can be requested in the folowing situations:
  • A certificate loss after a hard disk failure
  • A software switching
  • The modification of the key sizes
  • The vulnerability of the private key (OpenSSL-Debian incident)
  • The upgrating of the signature from MD5 to SHA1
  • SAN additional (if available on the product)
All Certification Authorities do not apply the same rules. Some of them allow free lifetime reissuance when other allow it only for 30 days. Some allow the modification of the CN (if the domain remains the same) or the modification of the OU field and some do not allow any modification.

authorities allowing a CN modification via reissuance

  • Sectigo (for its UC certificate only)

How to reissue a certificate?

To request a reissuance, go on your certificate status page and click the 'reissuance' button (if you do not see the button the reissuance is not possible).